Thẻ nhớ SanDisk Ultra

  • Dung lượng: 16/ 32/ 64/ 128/ 256GB
  • Tốc độ đọc/ ghi thẻ 32GB-01TB: 120MB/giây
  • Tốc độ đọc/ ghi thẻ 16GB: 98MB/giây
  • Hoạt động: -25°C~85°C. Bảo quản: -40°C~85°C
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Dung lượng 128GB
Dung lượng 256GB
Dung lượng 16GB
Dung lượng 32GB
Dung lượng 64GB

Fast for better pictures, app performance and Full HD video

– The SanDisk Ultra® microSD™ UHS-I card with SD adapter gives you the freedom to shoot, save and share more than ever before. With capacities up to 1TB, our SanDisk Ultra microSD card has room for even more hours of Full HD video and delivers transfer speeds of up to 120MB/s to help you move that content fast. Ideal for Android™ smartphones and tablets, the card loads apps faster with A1-rated performance.

Ideal for Android™ Smartphones and Tablets
– SanDisk® cards are compatible with Android™ smartphones and tablets.

Capture and Store Even More Hours of Full HD Video
– With capacities of up to 1TB, you can store even more hours of Full HD video on the card and still have room for the videos, photos, music, movies and other files you want to shoot, save and share.

Transfer Speeds of up to 120MB/s
– Blazing transfer speeds mean that your content moves fast letting you move up to 1000 photos in a minute [32GB-1TB].

Load Apps Faster with A1-rated performance
– Rated A1, the SanDisk Ultra® microSD™ card is optimized for apps, delivering faster app launch and performance that provides a better smartphone experience.

SanDisk® Memory ZoneTM App for Easy File Management
– Available from the Google Play™ store, the SanDisk® Memory Zone™ app lets you view, access, and back up your phone’s files in one location. It can also automatically move files from your device to your memory card to free up space.

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Dung lượng 128GB, Dung lượng 256GB, Dung lượng 16GB, Dung lượng 32GB, Dung lượng 64GB

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